I seriously couldn’t live without Spicy Spuds in my cabinet. It’s a staple in my kitchen and my recipes. Thank you for making such a wonderful option for NON-GMO and sodium free. Love them!!

Jennifer G.

Tonight’s dinner! Lisa your BBQ seasoning was on the money!

Jimmy F.

I just got back from fishing Salmon in Southeast Alaska for the summer. I had cooking duties every other day. When I found out that the captain couldn’t eat salt, I decided to order some of the great seasonings from Spicy Spuds as I knew they had zero sodium. The whole boat knew I had ordered the spices, and everyone was waiting to try these new flavors I had been speaking so highly of. After they arrived darn near every meal had Spicy Spuds in one thing or another. The other cook and I both loved cooking with them, and the whole boat loved eating them. I think the full set of Spicy Spuds should be on every boat.

Jeremy R.

I really enjoy using the spices from Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff. My favorite is the Tangy Garlic Onion which I have used in several different meals. Chicken, beef or veggies, Tangy Garlic Onion is delicious.

Jennifer S.

I love using Spicy Spuds, my family and I really enjoy the flavors we create. The quality and taste are amazing. My favorite is BBQ or Chipotle Spice on potatoes and fries. My kids love it!

Jenne A.

So far,we’ve used three of the four spices we purchased from Lisa. We love them! The Smoky BBQ is my favorite so far! I can’t wait to try her Dessert Spice!

Alex B.

I am thoroughly enjoying my Spicy Spuds Chipotle Spice! It is the perfect blend of spice for my turkey burgers, meat, chicken, tacos, Mexican food and soup. It’s simple, quick, and has lots of flavor. The large container has lasted for a long time. Looking forward to trying more Spicy Spuds flavors!

Dawn M.

Healthy and brings good flavor! Every time I cook it is the only seasonings I use.

Dennie C.

Thank you so much for the quality spices! I especially love the cinnamon Dessert Spice. It was tasty and fragrant. I will be back for more!

Madisyn M.

Spicy Spuds has been a phenomenal addition to my kitchen. I love these preservative free spices because it contributes to my healthy lifestyle while adding a kick of flavor to all of my favorite dishes!

Morgan M.

I have been using the Chipotle Spice blend for over a year and the results are always the same! I get requests for my fajita and vegetarian Chili recipes every time. I tell them the key to the fajitas is a generous sprinkle of the Chipotle Spice blend. As for the vegetarian Chili, substitute all the spices in your favorite Chili recipe with Chipotle Spice blend. The quality and blend are the best out there, hands down!!

Deidre W.

The Smoky BBQ from Spicy Spuds is wonderful and I was pleased with the personalized service I received at Spicy Spuds too.

Stephanie L.

Love Love Love this stuff! ! I put it in my oatmeal, pancakes, shakes, desserts and even my coffee. So yummy!!

lrene B.

Your spice blends created an opportunity to streamline our kitchen production while adding amazing flavor! Seasoning is so important to creating delicious foods, and these do not disappoint! I love the quality and simplicity of your product, adding amazing flavor to our dishes while simplifying our prep. We love supporting your business!

Lenny S.