About Us

Meet Lisa Maloney, Creator and Founder of Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff!

Lisa Maloney has had a passion for health and nutrition since high school, where she engaged in a two-year food service vocational program.

Lisa advanced her training and graduated with a B.S. in Food Science, with an emphasis in Nutrition from Chapman University. After graduation, her enthusiasm to promote better health sparked many years of nutrition consulting for individual clients aiming to improve their dietary intake and overall health.

From 2008-2019 she was heavily involved in K-12 Child Nutrition Management, motivated by the goal that students of all ages deserved and needed to have nutritious yet delicious meals. These efforts took on more importance when USDA regulations shifted drastically during 2010. New regulations mandated school districts provide higher nutritional value for school-aged children, including: lowered sodium and saturated fat levels, increased amounts of fruits and vegetables, along with whole grain options.

Food manufacturers, school districts, food distributors and brokers were challenged to find innovative, flavorful, and healthy ways to feed school age children in America.

Spicy Spuds was created to add flavorful taste profiles to any dish!

As a director of child nutrition, Lisa observed students bringing convenience-store junk food on to campuses and bypassing the cafeteria. This struck a nerve in her as both a nutrition professional and a mother. She started to think about what she could do to make the foods being served in public schools look better, smell better, taste better, and to be healthier, too. Hence the concept Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff custom spice blends was born.

Lisa began experimenting with different spice combinations in her home kitchen.The goal was to create flavorful seasonings without sodium. It was also important for her to have blended profiles that were comprehensive enough to enhance almost any recipe or food item in both commercial and home kitchens.

What’s unique about Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff blends?
  • There is no sodium in any blend.
  • Current savory and sweet applications are so versatile, they complement any meal!
  • Try them as a delicious poultry, fish, and meat rub, sprinkled on vegetables, fruits, eggs, baked goods – or substituted in place of individual spice flavors in virtually any recipe.
  • All herbs and spices are triple tested by the manufacturer upon arrival and then two more times during the manufacturing process to ensure quality, purity, and safety.
  • Records are kept at least 2 years for every batch.
  • Our manufacturer has long term relationships with growers all over the world to ensure the highest quality spices/herbs are purchased in raw form.
  • Sustainably grown and harvested.
  • Allergan friendly and not processed on shared equipment.
  • Economically priced at approximately $.01-.02 per serving (1 teaspoon)
  • Certified Kosher
  • Vegan Friendly
Who Can Benefit from Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff?
  • Individual home cooks who consider no-sodium flavor blends beneficial for their family’s health and/or have been diagnosed with high-sodium-related diseases and co-morbidities.
  • Restaurant and Commercial Chefs who desire comprehensive flavor profiles that do not contain sodium.
  • Retail stores who want to offer more sodium free options.
  • Healthcare Providers who want their patients consuming a healthier diet.
  • Food manufacturers who understand the value of sodium-free ingredients as our population demands healthier food products.

Our Mission Statement:

Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff delivers the highest quality, sodium-free, custom spice blends that have versatile favor profiles, appropriate for individual and commercial use.